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So it appears Tiger Woods is really a “cheetah”!  Apparently, several women have come forward alledging they’ve had extramarrital affairs with the famed golfer.  Currently 3 women admit to playing more than a few rounds of golf with Tiger’s “wood” if you know what I’m saying.  Check out the pics below of one of these smokin hotties…..I mean home wrecker!! LOL!


Photos of Tiger’s Side-Dish: Jaimee Grubbs

Who can resist some good blue collar booty?  I know 2 guys that can’t: Tiger Woods and me.  Take a look at Jaimee’s smile — it looks exactly like Tiger’s… it just goes to show that people are drawn to others with similar phenotypes.  Also, check out the rack on the chick hangin out with Jaimee at the club… mm, yes please!  BLUBlublububb bub blub (that’s my motor boat sound).  Finally, I just want everyone to know that it’s OK to still love Tiger Woods.  So he likes cuddling with a down skank… who doesn’t!?  “But, EG, he’s got a wife and kids!”  But, Reader, his wife broke out his freakin’ window with a nine iron — bitch crazy.  Come on, when you have a bagillion dollars and you’re the second most famous person in the world, you have to scrape hos off you with a knife.  Tiger can’t use knives… he’s a lover, not a fighter.  Love him back.  He needs you right now. 

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jaimee grubbs tool academy 300x200 Photos of Tigers Side Dish: Jaimee Grubbs

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