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Well you’re probably wondering what cloud computing is. Well it’s a fairly simple concept, although can be very hard to explain.

Cloud computing is essentially when everything that you do and everything that you save is in the clouds. And by clouds, I really mean Internet. Majority of things that most people do is Internet based. Some examples would be social networks, getting the news, emails, etc… Essentially, cloud computing is everything that you normally do, but it’s all on the Internet somewhere.

Right now most of what you do today still requires some software installed on your computer, such as an email client. But some operating systems are moving away from this. Google’s Chrome OS will be 1 of the first that will push the shift into cloud computing very soon. Chrome OS is nothing more than a small linux distro with Chrome, and only Chrome, running on top.

Is it for everybody? No. For starters, this requires a constant Internet connection, so for people on the road, they won’t be able to easily connect. But for the majority of the public, it wouldn’t hurt since most people are “plugged in” more than me (and trust me, that’s pretty hard to do).

But if go on your computer and do everything in a web browser, such as Firefox, then you’re pretty much 1/2 way there!

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