Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd 2009, 2:31 pm by Asian Chris

Leave it up to Yamaha to cram in a subwoofer into a stereo receiver. I’m not sure what them do it, but I definitely can use 1 of these. I guess designed for people who have very limited space at home (like me), this will definitely be a joy to have.

Let’s face it a receiver is big enough already. A subwoofer is even bigger. Putting these 2 together is genius! Add in a new soundbar and now it’s perfect.

Adding that 31″ long, 2″ high soundbar will now give you plenty of sound. It’ll fit nicely in front of most TV’s which is the best part.

Be sure to find this on my wishlist of things I want to get for my apartment.

And the price? MSRP is at $599. Amazon already has it listed for $499.95, but not in stock (at the time I was writing this).

But wait, that’s not all! Yamaha has also included a feature called UniVolume! This helps keeps the audio level fairly consistent, especially when you’re watching TV where the commercials tend to be louder than the show itself.

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