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Ok…I’m not sure IF I reeeeeally wanna see the sex scene in AVATAR but hell, WHY NOT!?  Seeing 2 blue 10 foot tall half humas unleash their carnal desires is kindda freaky and I think I like it!!  I just hope their tails don’t get in the way OR dooooo I (evil maniacal laughter)…LOL!  Now If only we could see that action in 3D :0/


Avatar Sex Scene Deleted But Will Be On DVD!!!!

If you haven’t seen Avatar by now you need to go see it, it was a great movie. It was even better the second time i saw it. It’s no surprise that the film has already grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide but if your like me you may have left the theater feeling like something was missing from the movie. Obviously, this was a steamy sex scene between Jake Sully and Neytiri. Fortunately such a scene was shot for the movie but was deleted from the final product because Cameron thought it would push them past a PG-13 rating…..sounds like it was a good scene and luckily it will be included in the special edition DVD. I can’t wait to see the Na’vi in action.

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