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Late last night, it appears Conan O’Brien & NBC may have struck a deal. It’s certainly a generous amount for him to be “benched” from the late night talk show circuit but something tells me this is NOT the end of the dispute. My feeling is that FOX 5 will make him a sizable offer and a new “Late Night” home on their network. What do you guys think about NBC’s handling of this late show debacle? Below is the latest report from TMZ


Conan O’Brien is losing “The Tonight Show” but he’ll be getting a $32.5 million consolation prize courtesy of NBC … sources tell TMZ. In return, we’ve learned Conan has agreed to sit on the bench until September. Translation — he can’t host another show until the fall. In addition to the $32.5 mil, we’ve learned NBC is also paying severance to Conan’s “Tonight Show” employees. In all, we’re told NBC’s payout is around $40 million. But Conan probably won’t see close to the $32.5 mil. Under the deal, any money Conan makes during the remaining contract period with NBC will offset the network’s obligation. So, if Fox were to make a deal with Conan and pay him $25 mil during the NBC contract period, Conan would only score $7.5 mil from NBC. One well-placed NBC source told us something surprising — looks like NBC may keep its intellectual property rights. So Conan can’t take his creations — such as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the Masturbating Bear — to his next gig. We’re told the Conan/NBC deal still isn’t completely done, but it’s very close.

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