Posted on Friday, January 8th 2010, 2:00 pm by Andro

These Gucci snowboard/ski goggles will have you lookin fly in Aspen with the socialites or in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics.  I plan to be at both this winter so you know I gotta cop these bad boys!  Funny thing is, I’ll probably see some fool rocking these in some nightclub miles away from any ski slope…lol!  At under $200 it’s actually not too bad compared to other goggles I’ve owned from real snowboard companies.  Happy riding AND flossing on the slopes!


Gucci Goggles

You might think that these goggles are meant to keep your eyes warm on the slopes but if your a real baller you’ll cop ‘em just to rock at the clubs in Aspen. They only cost $195 bucks which is pretty reasonable for Gucci. These will be available this December at all Gucci stores including highsnob


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  1. drum tracksNo Gravatar Says:

    these goggles really are good. I don’t have any myself, but used my friends, when I couldn’t find mine, and loved them. It is what I plan on getting at the end of this season for next year. I would get them now, but my seasons pass took all my money.

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