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Once again my fellow friends; old man winter is clothes lining us like a retarded Mexican wrestler. With this comes the Snow (woo woo), and snow means time to head to the mountains. Every season brings new technology and innovation on snowboard designs and material use. This years up and coming models promise us to make our buttering, jibbing, and sometimes falling an angelic feast of delight and responsiveness. This is all done with the introduction of designs such as rocker/reverse camber, flat camber, traditional/positive camber, and a mixed variation of all such as Banana tech (AKA BTX). Now I know some of you are like WTF are you talking about Camanche (he must be on the sauce again…lol), and I will do one for you. I will drop on you some 101 knowledge, a primer if you will to try and help you understand all this… A la Barney style. (Pictures are courtesy of Trans-world Snowboarding)

  • Traditional/Positive Camber:

traditional Camber

The OG design; this is the shape of traditional snowboards. The Convex rises from the end contact points.

  • Flat Camber:


Is just that; a snowboard with zero camber to it so it lays flat on the snow for that so called “catch free” riding.¬† Boards on this category are K2′s Flatline Tech.

  • Reverse/Rocker Camber:


The rocker is one of the new designs being used today as you can see it has a subtle arc to it. It flexes more so it’s perfect for buttering and very forgiving for the noobs. An example of this design is Burton’s Hero board.

  • Mixed aka Medley Camber:


Now the mixed category is a the best or a variation of all of the above designs. Such boards that use this design are LIB Tech’s Banana tech, Burton’s Joystick¬† and flying V boards.

Now if this lost you or if you are interested in getting the full Snowboarding 101 click on the link for a very informative article by the people at REI:

How to Choose a Snowboard: Expert Advice from REI.

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