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As the ubiquitous “End of Summer” parties monopolized the nightlife world from coast to coast, a major player in the EDM scene was scheduled to close out the NYC summer with a major bang! Unfortunately that “bang” came to a grinding halt on the last day of their 3 day event series at Randall’s Island as its organizers abruptly pulled the plug on its grand finale. Facing pressure from the New York Mayors office and NYPD, the “E-Zoo” event organizers cancelled its last day as media outlets reported 2 deaths and 4 attendees in critical condition. Sources confirmed the tragic deaths were linked to a drug overdose due to the popular rave drug, “Molly”, also known as, MDMA.

As word of the abrupt closure quickly spread through social media, thousands of E-Zoo party-goers were left wondering and wandering through the streets of NYC. As impromptu pop-up parties sprang up all around the city, the nightlife scene buzzed with “official” E-Zoo parties promising special guest DJs. Other promoters and club owners began promoting free parties to today’s ticket holders as they desperately tried to cash-in on today’s unfortunate incident.

Currently, there’s no official word from the E-Zoo organizers if refunds will be given to today’s ticket holders. However, at $150+ a ticket I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this summers “grand finale”. We can only hope an encore performance by the worlds top DJs will help the festivals reputation and provide a more positive image instead of a drug fueled party. With that in mind, I’m sure NYC and other cities will keep a close watch on E-Zoo and other similar festivals/nightclubs which promote EDM parties.

Share your thoughts with us and tell us what you think. – Do you think the organizers made the right choice in canceling their event? – Do you think we’ll see a nationwide crackdown at these festivals and EDM parties?

Party Responsibly, @aNYCELIFE

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