Hello world!  Welcome to NYCeTwits!

Founded in 2009, NYCeTwits is the brainchild of 6 enterprising young men with various backgrounds, interests and careers brought together by their common passion for cigars.  This common denominator wasn’t the only bond we shared, however, it was the catalyst which literally “sparked” our interest in establishing our own company.  Through our weekly cigar meetings at “The Office”, we discussed a wide array of topics ranging from night club escapades, the latest “must have” items, politics, and the economy.   The hours spent enjoying our treasured cigars which was a ritual in itself, became an open forum for us to share our thoughts in our own unique way.  So with its humble and casual beginnings underway, we began to formalize our thoughts and decided to share them with YOU!

At NYCeTwits, you will find our personal blog entries, pictures, videos, and commentary on just about anything. We invite you to explore our website and our insights to the world around us. Whether you are interested in fashion, sports, special events, technology, or media, there’s something waiting just for you.  NYCeTwits is as unique as our founders but more importantly, the readers themselves.

We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Viva NYCeTwits!

The NYCeTwit Crew

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