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Posted on Thursday, 21st January 2010 by Marc Sax

The tablet is said to sport all the same in/out connectivity as the current iPhone 3GS, including a 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack, built-in speaker grills, a  microphone, GPS, 3G connectivity and a 30-pin dock connector. Like the rendering, its 10-inch display is framed by a black border that bleeds into its wrap-around aluminum enclosure. The [...]

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Posted on Sunday, 16th August 2009 by Andro

For all you sloppy web surfers out there meet your new best friend, the “rugged, bendable, water & dust proof keyboard from Adesso”.

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Posted on Thursday, 30th July 2009 by Andro

My NYCeTwits partners can certainly vouch for my increased blog activity thanks to my recently purchased netbook. I love my Acer netbook and take it almost everywhere I go, especially to my NYCeTwits meetings…lol It’s sleek and extremely portable, but this APPLE Tablet takes the cake! It looks like a hybrid Itouch and an Apple tablet. Either way…I’ll have to grab one of these puppies too! I’m sure I’ll be writing more updates about this product so check back for more info!

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