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Posted on Thursday, 3rd December 2009 by Andro

So it appears Tiger Woods is really a “cheetah”! Apparently, several women have come forward alledging they’ve had extramarrital affairs with the famed golfer. Currently 3 women admit to playing more than a few rounds of golf with Tiger’s “wood” if you know what I’m saying. Check out the pics below of one of these smokin hotties…..I mean home wrecker!! LOL!

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Posted on Friday, 18th September 2009 by Marc Sax

Improve your Golf Swing with the TaylorMade 2009 Burner Iron Set ($700). With separately engineered long-, middle-, and short-irons, the 4-GW set features Inverted Cone Technology for an extra-large sweet spot, a multi-function sole to lower the center of gravity and reduce turf drag, and a multi-material cavity badge to dampen vibration while improving feel… [...]

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Posted on Monday, 3rd August 2009 by Gabe

The most impressive golf shot ever! Check this out and let me know if you agree: Via: CollegeHumor Continue reading

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Posted on Thursday, 18th June 2009 by Marc Sax

Weather holds off 109th US OPEN!
It rained so much on Thursday that the highly anticipated 109th US OPEN could not start today. Plenty of man power tried to clear off the water, but it was to no avail.

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