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Posted on Tuesday, 2nd March 2010 by Juan

This video is awesomely freaky, and it’s brought to you by Takashi Murakami, directed by The McG….. Check it out and let me know what you guys think… Continue reading

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Posted on Friday, 15th January 2010 by Asian Chris

Some of us like dancing, some of us like technology. Put those 2 things together and you’ll get a dancing robot! Well leave it up to the Japanese to come up with the Manoi Go, a break-dancing robot. This robot got me laughing because I couldn’t imagine it doing head spins. Crazy part is the [...]

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Posted on Wednesday, 6th January 2010 by Andro

The streetwear brand STUSSY is a TRUE classic which continues to set the bar for other so called ‘street wear” brands which nowadays do nothing more than “trendy” graphic tees. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great brands/designers out there BUT few will stand up to trends and time the way Stussy has pioneered this market BEFORE it was a market in the first place. Having met Jules Gayton, who is one of the original members & founders of the Stussy Crew 15 years ago it’s amazing how he and his friends had the foresight to create a brand which was purely for the love of fashion, music, and art into a global brand. I recently caught up with Jules in Hawaii (Kicks Hawaii) at the launch of his new personal label. Jules now lives in Hawaii (my 2nd home), and owns Leilow Hawaii and Stussy Hawaii in Honolulu. To read more about Jules and his take on the industry read the full interview on SlamXHype.com

Speaking of GLOBAL…check out the new Stussy “Year of the Tiger” tees only available in it’s Japan retail stores. I’m also a Leo so I’d like to get my little paws on these bad boys! Hopefully our fellow NyceTwit, Asian Chris reads this post since he’s in Japan NOW! So Chris…if you’re reading this pick me up all 4 shirts in a size medium…lol!

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Posted on Monday, 3rd August 2009 by Gabe

NYCeTwits in a box! Hey, do you like pudding? Do you like breasts? Say no more – Niigata in Japan has made pudding packaged inside the bra of a happy anime girl, with caramel dipping sauce on the side. Tasty! Open up… Unclasp… Continue reading

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Posted on Sunday, 19th July 2009 by Andro

Who you gonna call??? GHOST BUSTERS! Courtesy of Japanese premium brand, A Bathing Ape, here’s a closer look at the upcoming sneaker collaboration. Is this the return of the Bapesta design? Via: www.hypebeast.com Coming on the heels of an initial partnership, A Bathing Ape and Ghostbusters have another collection on the horizon. This time around, [...]

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