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Posted on Friday, 18th December 2009 by Asian Chris

Yeah, we finally got around to setting up our MySpace and FaceBook pages. So now there are even more ways for you to stalk us! And yes I know, there’s not much there. We’re working on it still, just like everything else! But to keep you somewhat entertained, here’s a some random picts from our [...]

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Posted on Monday, 14th December 2009 by Gabe

Oh Twitter. The 140 characters of awesome has been loved by millions, hated by a few, and misunderstood by the rest. It has been proven to help build business, but to those who do not use it, it has become the butt of many jokes. Late Night has led the charge into Twitter funniness, and [...]

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Posted on Thursday, 20th August 2009 by Juan

El Jibaro (AKA Camanche) back at you again with an interview and some eye candy with Mr. Fresh himself “BobbyFresh”.  First off I would like to thank the whole AZ crew and Shawny Blancs for making  this happen.   Q. When did you start BobbyFresh and what was the inspiration for it? A. We started the line in [...]

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Posted on Thursday, 6th August 2009 by Juan

As you all know today has been a stressful day for those addicted to twitter…. it seems that they have been fending off plenty of those D.O.S. attacks since like 9am this monring. I know you all out there have been lost without it, but they are working on bringing back the systems to full [...]

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Posted on Friday, 31st July 2009 by Gabe

Twitter and Sarah Palin are an explosive connection. This is proof positive when on Monday, Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show decided to have acclaimed thespian William Shatner recite her amazing tweets. Enjoy: Via: Mashable Continue reading

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Posted on Sunday, 12th July 2009 by Andro

Via: There aren’t a lot of solutions that connect Facebook friends to Twitter followers. In general, these two groups are separate, but there a lot times where we want to bring them together – i.e. to chat about a new business idea. When you have a group, you want to create a chat, but [...]

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Posted on Wednesday, 1st July 2009 by Ryan

Watch Out Twitter!!! Flutter will TAKE OVER your Life!!! LoL

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Posted on Sunday, 21st June 2009 by Andro

Careful everyone! Be on the look out for these harmful email viruses disguised as Twitter invites. Via: Security sites are warning web users to beware fake Twitter invites in their email inboxes. The reports, based on an alert on Wednesday from Symantec, say the emailed invites come with a malicious attachment which, if downloaded, [...]

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Posted on Wednesday, 17th June 2009 by Andro

Is the end near for MySpace? 30% layoffs to begin today

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Posted on Wednesday, 10th June 2009 by Gabe

Via: Wired Don't Tweet, Don't Tell The Army has ordered its network managers to give soldiers access to social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter, Danger Room has learned. That move reverses a years-long trend of blocking the web 2.0 locales on military networks. Army… Continue reading

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